Magic items for DKP:
Staff of frost – 41,400 10 charges

Base dkp 45779 (Full gold value)
Trey -0
Barbara -54615
Lynn -27180
Harry -21230
Jeff -27720

Taken Items:
3potions of cure serious 750 each
Drinking horn or bottomless valor 3 charges/day Fill with drink/1 charge d8 temp hp for 1 min/2 charges -d8+5 temp and enlarge for 5 minutes/3 charges D8+10 hp, heroism and enlarge for 10 minutes-24,000
+1 Great axe undead bane 8320 Jeff
Trey +3 mithril Medium Chain -13,150
Trey Googles of night (60’ dark vision) 12000
Belt +6 belt of giant str. 36,000 (Jeff)
Cloak +2 resistance 4000
Rod lesser quicken 35,000 Lynn
Door knocker : Insistant 1/day against wall, it fuses and makes a usable door (like passwall)-5000
+1 composite longbow (16)
Figurine (mastodon) wonderous power -17,000 Barbara
Sapling rod 16,650 Harry
Belt of thunderous charging +2 str and bull rush when charge weapon size +1 cat 10,000 Barbara
headband +4 metal prowess – WIsdom and Charisma – 40,000 barbara


*+2 impact Hammer Agrimmosh the hammer of unmaking (Religious) holy symbol of minder haul (creator of Giants)-priceless
Heightened Enlarge person once per day
reduce person on crit
additional powers at forge:
If used against lit forge it also gets
Targeted dispel on hit

ioun torch


LarsHargens Schplam

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