DKP 0428-2017

Magic items for DKP:
Staff of frost – 41,400 10 charges
Golembane scarab – 2500
Wand of silence -23 2070

Base dkp 47493 (Full gold value)
Trey -0
Barbara -56685
Lynn -27180
Harry -23730
Jeff -29720


Glacier giant
Scroll resurrection

4x Ring of minor cold resistance 12000 x3

p- cure light wounds 50
p-cure moderate 300 x4

Wand of silence-23
+2 large half plate x3
+1 large Great swords x2
+2 large longsword
Amuler of natrual armor +1
Belt of dex +2
Ring of prot +1


LarsHargens Schplam

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