Dkp list 9/23/2016

Magic Items UFG:
Great Sword Gorums thorn +1 keen on crit confirm get trip (Ignores size) 12350g
Haste 750
Aid 50
Aid 50
Protion from arrow (30 points) 300
Potion cure serious 750
Potion resist electricity 300

Base dkp 6215 (Full gold value)
Trey -0
Barbara -4315
Lynn -6130
Harry -1130
Jeff -6000

Lynn Amulet of mighty fists -4000

Still to be identified:
Hammer (Religious) holy symbol of minder haul (creator of Giants)
Rod (above level 15 caster, from Hag)
Cursed dwarf tomb
Spear (hearts pin) 1 giants bane long spear/ on crit can grapple (move and grapple without needing them adjacent to you – 10310
Hand : Steel hand, bonds to you, + 2 str and cmd to disarm, can wield larger weapons. Hates Giants – priceless
+2 Scale mail – any giant seeing it makes will save 9200
Boots of the winterland 2500
From dragon thingys
Scroll blindness/deafness
Scroll darkness
Wand of read magic 50 375
Wand of shield of faith 50 750
Evil tree
Scroll enlarge person
Potion cure light wounds
Ring of swarming stabs – 6000
On Giantess
Mummified hand on steel chain hand of stone (gives tremor sense ) – 27,000
Potion of gaseous form
Scroll mirror image
Short sword + 1
Fly trap:
Sapling rod 16,650
Large bag of holding 2500 lbs -12,500
Hidden temple room:
4 vials 2 guidance/remove fear/arcane
Scroll bleed
Scorpion: 1 potion
4 scrolls divine favor, false life, read magic, stone fist
Wand cure light 50 charges
Lesser belt of hurling (14000)
Throne room :
2 magical splint defiant (giant) 9350
Stone giant King/INQ room
War hammer +1
Bane Baldric – can be attuned (5th level INQ) 10,000
Boulder bag : 3000
Dwarven torc of lion heart fury 8000
+1 Light pick
+2 Short bow
Potion delay poison
Potion displacement
Potion haste
Scroll x5 hold. Monster summon V wall of force, blade barrier, charm monster
Oil of light
Potion Protection from chaos
Wand of cure light – 50
Scroll prot good, shadow weapon
Brooch of shielding 1500


LarsHargens Schplam

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